Our exterior units provide 24/7 access and are individually alarmed for added security. All our units are heated and air-conditioned.

Bruce's Out'a Sight Self Storage is a family-owned business. We wanted it to be the best self storage in America - friendly, inviting, comfortable, immaculate, and fairly priced. It's a home away from home for your things. We even designed and built our 400-unit building. Please stop in and see us sometime. Decide for yourself if we succeeded..............

  • Heated, air-conditioned and immaculate.
  • Inside loading and unloading for our interior units. You never get wet. No wind to mess up your hair.
  • Cargo carts and dollies are supplied for your on-site use.
  • Free locks and no administration fees or other pricing gimmicks.  We opened in February of 2002.  We have only raised rates on existing tenants.....twice!

We chose the style of a barn, not only for its old world charm, but for what old barns represent about America; hard working families persevering, and eventually succeeding. Those families fed the world.